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International Journal of Systems Science, Volume 41, Number 3, p.337-351 (2010)



Annealing, Branch and bounds, Data sets, Genetic algorithms, Linear programming, Logistics, Management science, Problem solving, Real-life applications, Reverse logistics, Routing problems, Simulated annealing, Supply chains, Sustainable supply chains, Traveling salesman problem, Travelling salesman problem


<p>A reverse logistics problem, motivated by many real-life applications, is examined where bottles/cans in which products are delivered from a processing depot to customers in one period are available for return to the depot in the following period. The picked-up bottles/cans need to be adjusted in the place of delivery load. This problem is termed as simultaneous delivery and pick-up problem with constrained capacity (SDPC). We develop three unified heuristics based on extended branch and bound heuristic, genetic algorithm and simulated annealing to solve SDPC. These heuristics are also designed to solve standard travelling salesman problem (TSP) and TSP with simultaneous delivery and pick-up (TSDP). We tested the heuristics on standard, derived and randomly generated datasets of TSP, TSDP and SDPC and obtained satisfying results with high convergence in reasonable time. © 2010 Taylor &amp; Francis.</p>


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Dr. Anbuudayasankar S. P., K. Ganesh, S. C. Lenny Koh, and Mohandas K., “Unified heuristics to solve routing problem of reverse logistics in sustainable supply chain”, International Journal of Systems Science, vol. 41, pp. 337-351, 2010.