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Journal Article


Future Internet, Volume 13, Number 2, p.46 (2021)



Social media has played a significant role in disaster management, as it enables the general public to contribute to the monitoring of disasters by reporting incidents related to disaster events. However, the vast volume and wide variety of generated social media data create an obstacle in disaster management by limiting the availability of actionable information from social media. Several approaches have therefore been proposed in the literature to cope with the challenges of social media data for disaster management. To the best of our knowledge, there is no published literature on social media data management and analysis that identifies the research problems and provides a research taxonomy for the classification of the common research issues. In this paper, we provide a survey of how social media data contribute to disaster management and the methodologies for social media data management and analysis in disaster management. This survey includes the methodologies for social media data classification and event detection as well as spatial and temporal information extraction. Furthermore, a taxonomy of the research dimensions of social media data management and analysis for disaster management is also proposed, which is then applied to a survey of existing literature and to discuss the core advantages and disadvantages of the various methodologies.

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J. Phengsuwan, Shah, T., Thekkummal, N. Balan, Wen, Z., Sun, R., Pullarkatt, D., Thirugnanam, H., Dr. Maneesha V. Ramesh, Morgan, G., James, P., and Ranjan, R., “Use of Social Media Data in Disaster Management: A Survey”, Future Internet, vol. 13, p. 46, 2021.