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Journal Article


International Journal of Next-Generation Networks (IJNGN), Volume 1, Number 1, p.12-22 (2009)



buffers, constrained embedded devices, cross-layer optimization, integration, IP, protocol stack, RTP, SRTP, UDP, uIP, VoIP security


In this paper, we present an optimized implementation of secure VoIP protocol stack so that the stackwould fit into the memory and computation budget of constrained embedded systems. The novel approachthat we take to achieve this is to perform cross-layer optimization of buffers and buffer operations.Buffers and buffer operations are involved in playback, capture, codec transformations, and network I/O.Following this approach, we have implemented VoIP application functions, RTP, and Secure RTPprotocols in a tightly integrated and highly optimized manner, on the top of the embedded TCP/IP stack,uIP. We call the protocol stack thus constructed, the uVoIP stack. We have tested the uVoIP stack inGNU/Linux Operating System using tunnel device for sending and receiving raw packets

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Jayaraj Poroor, D., D., P., A., Rajesh, T., and R., A., “uVOIP: Cross-Layer Optimization of Buffer Operations for Providing Secure VOIP Services on Constrained Embedded Devices”, International Journal of Next-Generation Networks (IJNGN), vol. 1, pp. 12-22, 2009.