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Journal Article


International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research, Volume 4, Number 3, p.36-39 (2010)



accuracy, Acetic acid, Acetonitrile, analytic method, article, chloroform, controlled study, drug determination, high performance thin layer chromatography, olmesartan, physical phase, quantitative analysis, sensitivity and specificity, silica gel, tablet formulation, toluene, validation process


{A quantitative HPTLC method for determination of Olmesartan Medoxomil in tablet dosage form has been established and validated. Olmesartan from formulations was separated and identified on silica gel 60 F 254. HPTLC plates with chloroform: acetonitrile: toluene: glacial acetic acid, in the ratio 1:8:1:0.1(v/v) was used as mobile phase. The plates were developed to a distance of 8 cm. Quantitation was performed at λ=301nm by reflectance scanning and well resolved results were obtained for Olmesartan medoxomil. The method was validated for precision, recovery, robustness, specificity and ruggedness. The calibration plot for olmesartan standard was linear with r =0.9991


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D. G. Ta Parambi, Sr., MbMathew, Ganesan, Vc, Jose, Ad, and Revikumar, K. Gd, “A validated hptlc determination of an angiotensin receptor blocker Olmesartan Medoxomil from tablet dosage form”, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research, vol. 4, pp. 36-39, 2010.