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Validation of Eulerian-Lagrangian Spray Atomization Modeling against Gasoline Fuel

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : SAE Technical Paper, 2021.

Source : SAE Technical Paper, SAE International (2021)

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Year : 2021

Abstract : Combustion in any engine starts with the injection of fuel into the combustion chamber. Atomization of fuel and its mixing plays a vital role in determining the suitable air-fuel (A/F) ratio. Appropriate A/F ratio determines the amount of energy release and pollutant formation for standard engines. Thus an accurate prediction of these processes is required to perform reliable combustion and pollutant formation simulations. In this study, the Eulerian-Lagrangian Spray Atomization (ELSA) model is implemented as a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool for the prediction of spray behavior. Past studies performed on diesel fuel suggest good agreement between experiment and simulation indicating the model’s capability. The study aims to validate the ELSA model for gasoline fuel against the test results obtained from Renault and against the pure Lagrangian spray model. The simulations have been performed using CONVERGE CFD v2.4.18. A constant-volume spray bomb model consisting of a SAC is simulated across different operating conditions with variations in temperatures and pressures. The nozzle geometry has been simplified and is assumed to be circular in cross-section. Macroscopic and microscopic spray characteristics, namely, Spray (Liquid) Penetration Length and Sauter Mean Diameter (SMD), are compared. The first section of the results deals with a comparison between simulation and test data, whereas the second and third sections describe the comparison of spray characteristics between the ELSA and Lagrangian spray description against the test results and the variation of spray characteristics concerning state properties, respectively. The results obtained using the ELSA model are in good agreement with the experimental results, but require further enhancement when compared against the Lagrangian description. The spray prediction furthermore is in accordance with the spray behavior and is theoretically explainable.

Cite this Research Publication : V. G. Srujan, Subramanian, D., Nagaraja S. R., Rathinam, B., and Ravet, F., “Validation of Eulerian-Lagrangian Spray Atomization Modeling against Gasoline Fuel”, in SAE Technical Paper, 2021.

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