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Journal Article


Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 37, Number 6, p.4040 - 4049 (2010)



C4.5 algorithm, Fault diagnosis, Monoblock centrifugal pump, Statistical features


Monoblock centrifugal pumps are widely used in a variety of applications. In many applications the role of monoblock centrifugal pump is critical and condition monitoring is essential. Vibration based continuous monitoring and analysis using machine learning approaches are gaining momentum. Particularly artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic were employed for continuous monitoring and fault diagnosis. This paper presents the use of C4.5 decision tree algorithm for fault diagnosis through statistical feature extracted from vibration signals of good and faulty conditions.


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Dr. Sakthivel N.R., Sugumaran, V., and Babudevasenapati, S., “Vibration based Fault Diagnosis of Monoblock Centrifugal Pump using Decision Tree”, Expert Systems with Applications, vol. 37, pp. 4040 - 4049, 2010.