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Journal Article


International Journal of Tomography & Simulation™, Volume 28, Number 1, p.71–88 (2015)


Gestures or Signs are the means through which audibly challenged people communicate with each other. Sign Language Recognition Systems computerize the job of a sign language translator. Our SLR system is built using powerful Image processing techniques. The system architecture involves techniques for skin color segmentation, Motion-Trace feature extraction and DTW Classification. Our proposed system takes as input a video of the gesture and outputs the text corresponding to the gesture performed. Gestures and signs are used interchangeably used throughout the paper. The system has an overall accuracy of 74.14%.

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D. Swaminathan, Kiruthika, S., Nivin, A. A. L., and Dr. Padmavathi S., “Video Based Indian Sign Language Recognition System for Single and Double Handed Gestures with Unique Motion Trace as Feature”, International Journal of Tomography & Simulation™, vol. 28, pp. 71–88, 2015.