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Journal Article


Pharmaceutical research, Springer, Volume 31, Number 12, p.3361–3370 (2014)




In vitro anticancer effect and in vivo biodistribution and biocompatibility of metformin encapsulated O-Carboxymethyl chitosan nanoparticles were evaluated for its application as pancreatic cancer therapy.


In vitro studies such as cell migration assay, clonogenic assay, cell cycle analysis and qRT-PCR analysis were done in pancreatic cancer cells (MiaPaCa-2) treated with O-CMC-metformin NPs for evaluating its anticancer potential. In vivo biodistribution studies were carried out by NIR imaging of O-CMC-metformin NPs after tagging it with ICG. In vivo biocompatibility of the NPs was assessed by histopathology analysis of organs from mice administered with the NPs.


In vitro cell migration assay showed marginal effect of NPs on migration property of pancreatic cancer cells (MiaPaCa-2). In vitro clonogenic assay established that the O-CMC-metformin NPs reduced colony formation ability of the cancer cells. While cell cycle analysis showed that the O-CMC-metformin NPs had only minor effect on progression of cell cycle in the cancer cells. qRT-PCR analysis exhibited reduced mRNA expression of p21, vanin 1 and MMP9 in pancreatic cancer cells treated with the nanoparticles. In vivo NIR imaging study showed normal biodistribution pattern of the intravenously injected O-CMC-metformin NPs suggesting normal clearance rate of nanoparticles and no adverse toxicity to the organs.

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K. S. Snima, Dr. Jayakumar Rangasamy, and Lakshmanan, V. - K., “In vitro and in vivo biological evaluation of O-carboxymethyl chitosan encapsulated metformin nanoparticles for pancreatic cancer therapy”, Pharmaceutical research, vol. 31, pp. 3361–3370, 2014.