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Journal Article


Building and Environment, Volume 37, Number 3, p.947-957 (2003)


This paper discusses water penetration resistance studies on conventional brick/block masonry for variations in construction types and materials adopting ASTM E 514-90 procedure. The behaviour of interlocking block masonry for the influence of type of bedding (dry-stacking, thin-jointing, and mortar-bedding), surface finishes (stucco/plaster finish) have been investigated. Also the relative performance of solid as well as hollow interlocking block masonry system developed by the authors, with conventional masonry is reported.

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Dr. Anand K. B., Vasudevan, V., and .Ramamurthy, K., “Water permeability assessment of alternative masonry systems”, Building and Environment, vol. 37, pp. 947-957, 2003.