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Journal of Materials Chemistry, Volume 21, Number 33, p.12210-12212 (2011)



Dye-Sensitized solar cell, Electrospuns, Grain (agricultural product), Nanofibers, Nanostructures, Photoelectrochemical cells, Rice grains, Scattering, Scattering layer, Scattering light, Solar cells, TiO, Titanium, Titanium dioxide


A thin film of rice grain- and nanofiber-shaped titanium dioxide (TiO 2) nanostructures was fabricated as an effective scattering layer on the nanoparticle electrodes in dye-sensitized solar cells by electrospinning. The rice grain-like nanostructures are found to be superior to the nanofibers in scattering light with a 15.7% enhancement in efficiency compared to 9.63% for nanofibers. This journal is © 2011 The Royal Society of Chemistry.


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P. Zhu, Nair, A. S., Yang, S., Peng, S., and Ramakrishna, S., “Which is a superior material for scattering layer in dye-sensitized solar cells - Electrospun rice grain- or nanofiber-shaped TiO2?”, Journal of Materials Chemistry, vol. 21, pp. 12210-12212, 2011.