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Journal Article


Energy, Volume 27, Number 3, p.241 - 253 (2002)




The Indian wind energy programme suffered a recent setback after being placed third in terms of total installed capacity of wind electricity in the world. This paper submits, based on analysis of field performance data, that the falling profitability of private windfarm operation in the country today can hardly attract large scale investment in the private sector. It further suggests that a right choice of wind electric generators with an optimum rated wind speed will improve the windfarm performance. The steps to be adopted by the government agencies in order to ensure the desired growth of the wind industry in the country have also been suggested. These in turn invite certain changes in the present windfarm development policy of the country.

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Dr. Sasi K. K. and Basu, S., “Windfarming in India—the desired policy recast”, Energy, vol. 27, pp. 241 - 253, 2002.