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Conference Paper


International Conference on Wireless Networks ICWN, Citeseer (2009)



distributed algorithms, Heterogeneous networks, landslide, Wireless Sensor Network


The power of wireless sensor network technology has provided the capability of developing large scale systems for real-time monitoring.This paper describes the evolution of a wireless sensor network system for landslide detection in the Idukki district of the southern state of Kerala, India, a region known for its heavy rainfall, steep slopes, and frequent landslides. The deployment and data retrieval or collection from geophysical sensors, the design, development and deployment of WSN, the development of data collection and data aggregation algorithms needed for the network, and the network requirements of the deployed landslide detection system, data analysis system etc has been discussed in this paper.

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Dr. Maneesha V. Ramesh, Kumar, S., and P Rangan, V., “Wireless Sensor Network for Landslide Detection.”, in International Conference on Wireless Networks ICWN, 2009.