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2013 IEEE Energytech, IEEE (2013)



astronomical calculation, effective tracking, Global positioning system, Global Positioning System (GPS), GPS receiver, Heliostat, heliostat control, heliostat positioning vectors, industrial scale, Mirrors, NREL algorithm, position control, precise astronomical calculation, Receivers, Sensors, solar cooking, Solar energy, solar energy concentrators, Solar heating, solar thermal energy control system, Sun, sun position algorithm, Sun position algorithm (SPA), Tracking, Wireless Sensor Network, Wireless sensor network (WSN), Wireless sensor networks, WSN


This paper proposes a wireless sensor network based heliostats control method for an industrial scale solar cooking system. Even though different designs are available they have suffered from different problems especially regarding effective tracking, high cost and convenience and other constraints such as scalability and simplicity. This paper, therefore, describes an efficient design that overcomes the earlier problems by using a highly precise astronomical calculation based approach along with wireless communication for efficient tracking of the sun which in turn reduces the overall system cost and simplicity. The proposed system uses a one tier wireless sensor network (WSN). The main feature of this work is the implementation of the highly accurate NREL algorithm, with precision timing provided by a GPS receiver within a low-cost wireless sensor network framework.


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J. D. Freeman, Varghese, J. T., and Rekha, P., “WSN based heliostat control for a solar thermal cooking system”, in 2013 IEEE Energytech, 2013.