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Conference Paper


Global Humanitarian Technology Conference - South Asia Satellite (GHTC-SAS), 2014 IEEE (2014)



Batteries, battery power, cells (electric), cluster, cluster based networks, cluster head nodes, Clustering algorithms, Data aggregation, detection system, electrical power, energy conservation, energy consumption, energy savings, landslide monitoring, leaf nodes, power subsystems, Processing systems, Rain, reception subsystems, sensing subsystems, Sensor nodes, Sensors, State Transition, State transitions, telecommunication network topology, telecommunication power management, Terrain factors, transmission subsystems, tree based networks, Wireless Sensor Network, Wireless sensor networks, wireless sensor system, WSN lifetime improvement algorithm


Wireless sensor networks consist of different subsystems such as sensing, transmission, reception, power and processing systems. Battery power of sensor nodes is one of the important factors to consider in a wireless sensor system. Moreover, when such systems are deployed in remote environments for critical applications where the availability of electrical power is less, the factor presents a major constraint. Prior work has tackled this problem by introducing sleep, sense, transmit and receive states. Although most work employed these states in tree and cluster based networks they only incorporated at the leaf nodes. This paper introduces state transitions for cluster head nodes to further reduce energy. The algorithm basically combines data aggregation and state transition to improve the overall life time of the network. To validate the algorithm, we apply to a landslide monitoring and detection system and obtain 33% energy savings for leaf node and 30% energy saving for cluster head node when compared to naive algorithms that do not apply state transitions.

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K. Sasidhar, Sreeresmi, R., and Rekha, P., “A WSN lifetime improvement algorithm reaping benefits of data aggregation and state transitions”, in Global Humanitarian Technology Conference - South Asia Satellite (GHTC-SAS), 2014 IEEE, 2014.