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The Evolution of lighting in South-west India from Night-time Lights: 2012-2020

Authors : Sumith Satheendran S , Smitha Chandran S, John C Mathew

Publisher :Spatial Information Research

Implementation of A Web GIS Based System for the Effective Data Dissemination and Sustainable Management of Municipalities: An Open Source Approach

Authors : Sumith Satheendran S, Smitha Chandran S, John C Mathew

Publisher :GIS Science Journal

Distribution of PM2.5 and PM10 in Ambient air in three cities of Delhi

Authors : Saroon S, Hima K Sugathan, Smitha Chandran S.

Publisher :Journal of Critical Reviews

On Lie symmetry analysis of certain coupled fractional ODE

Authors : K. Sethukumarasamy, P, P. Vijayaraju,, P. Prakash

Publisher :Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

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