Project Incharge: 
Dr. S. Thirumalini​
Sunday, August 1, 2010
Funding Agency: 
Amrita University

SAE Amrita’s BAJA team has been making a car and racing it for the past few years. It is not about racing but the passion to learn and apply that learning in making an all-terrain vehicle that is compelling. The team “Silver Spirit” from SAE Amrita Collegiate chapter made its debut at the All-Terrain Vehicle Design competition “BAJA”, a student design series conducted by SAE India


. The team for the year 2012 was renamed “ASE RACING.” They moved forward to face competitors at the international BAJA conducted at Auburn, USA in 2012. The entire duration of the Endurance Race was 4 hours in a 2.2 mile All Terrain track.

Premium sponsor of the Auburn project – Roots Group of Companies. Other sponsors were: Evergreen Estates, Chennai; Roshan Enterprises, Delhi; Alagu Motors, Coimbatore; DM Auto Industries, Ludhiana; Leena Auto Traders, Delhi; Kollipara and family, Hyderabad; Farida Leather Company, Chennai.


  • The car featured the innovative “Hill Climb Assist.”
  • The car featured a student developed innovation, “Regenerative Suspension.”


  • Completed 35th overall in a competition, which featured 60 engineering colleges from within the country.
  • Won the prestigious Cost-Efficient award and finishing 21st overall out of 80 colleges.
  • 17th fastest car on the track out of the 85 cars that participated.
  • The only Indian car to survive the Endurance track and the only Indian buggy ever to complete the race at Auburn BAJA.