Project Incharge: 
Dr. Sriram
Dr. Murali Rangarajan
Dr. Krishnashree Achuthan
Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Chemical Engineering
Environmental Studies

The Centre for Materials Research will engage in research and development activities in the broad areas encompassing the individual developments in, or an integration of, advanced materials and green technologies based on material synthesis, material characterisation, material modification, and innovative methodologies of application at the nano, micro and macro levels.

The centre will build upon the strong foundation provided by ongoing research at Amrita Centre for Nanosciences and complement its research activities. The cross-disciplinary nature of the effort is designed to bring together researchers in the departments of Chemistry, Physics, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering, and the Centre for Environmental Sciences.

Under the auspices of the centre, researchers will work on the development of novel materials in a number of applications that include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of low-temperature catalysts for the conversion of plastic/biomass waste into gaseous and liquid fuels in pyrolyzers and microreactors.
  • Green strategies for synthesis of metal nanocrystals/nanotips/nanoparticles.
  • Non-enzymatic electrochemical sensors for water contaminant sensing and sensing of biomolecules.
  • Development of liquid crystalline cobaloximes for fuel cells and hydrogen production.
  • Development of novel porphyrins for optoelectronic materials.
  • Development of drugs for cancer.
  • Development of lead-free solder materials and their electrodeposition in integrated circuits.

The team is comprised of a set of dedicated subject-matter experts – currently five chemists, one physicist, five chemical engineers and four materials scientists – well aligned to deliver on the vision and mission identified for the centre. Additionally, collaborators (international & national) of high renown in the core areas of research have committed their support and time to the establishment of, and continued contribution for, the centre.