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Neethu Francis
Computer Science Engineering
School of Engineering

Repetitive patterns are present in various structures and shapes of the world at many different scales and forms. In man-made environments, structures with repetitive patterns or elements are often employed as they are aesthetically pleasing.Detection of such repetitive structures can help in applications such as image retrieval, image inpainting,3D reconstruction. Approximate repetitions are also of interest in many domains such as hand carved sculptures, wall decorations, groups of natural objects.Reliefs are a common form of decoration and medium of depicting incidents and stories in man made structures from ancient times. With time many of these structures get weathered down and parts of the reliefs may get broken or damaged.The information extracted by detecting repetitions can be used as prior in segmentation and reconstruction of elements of the structures.The system provides detection and segmentation of repetitive patterns that can be used in  improving the 3D reconstruction from a single image.

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