Project Incharge: 
Pradeep Achan
Friday, July 1, 2005
Amrita Center for Digital Health (Wireless Telemedicine)
Funding Agency: 
Media Lab Asia

PI: Pradeep Achan
Sponsor: Media Lab Asia
Dept./Center: Amrita Technologies
Start Date: July 2005 (Completed)

In a synergistic combination arising out of its partnership with Media Lab Asia, Amrita has developed an innovative wireless telemedicine system and network for digital health at every doorstep. Amrita’s wireless telemedicine instantly enables a variety of common biomedical and public healthcare diagnostic devices to capture body parameters directly from people’s office or home and immediately transmit wirelessly through a combination of ultra high-speed WiFi and satellite networks to the 1450-bed all digital, super specialty hospital, AIMS, in Kochi.

Digital Health at Every Doorstep Using Integrated High Bandwidth Wireless Communication Networks

Body parameters that are measured can be simple temperature, blood pressure, or sugar levels, to more complex x-ray images or ophthalmologic videos. The system uses innovative technology breakthroughs to separate out inexpensive probes that can be mobile from more expensive backend processing units at the remote super specialty hospital.

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