International Programs
Department of Social Work

Thematic Area: Education & Gender Equality

Project Guide(s): Dr. Suja M. K., Department of Social Work and Soumya Menon, Amrita Center for International Programs

International Partners: Simona Garrobio, EPFL, Switzerland

Amrita Partners: Geethu P. V. and Kiran Devi, Department of Social Work

Village: Joonakatiwada, Madya Pradesh

Project Duration:1 month

Identified Challenge & Aim: With a lack of consistent and sustainable employment opportunities, many villagers are forced to seek employment far away from their homes, thereby temporarily requiring families to move to different states for a major part of the year. This move directly impacts school attendance and the overall education received by tribal children. The current study aims to gain a better understanding of the ground realities of this challenge.

The Study/Innovation: The team held group discussions with primary school teachers to understand the pedagogy employed and challenges faced in teaching children who are absent for most of the year as well as remedial strategies to address gaps in knowledge and learning. The subsequently interacted with the school children to gain a better understanding of learning styles in village settings. The team conducted English, Math, and Yoga classes to inspire creativity and enthusiasm to attend classes. The team also conducted house to house interviews using a semi structured interview guide to understand current challenges in access to continuous and sustainable employment.

Addresses Sustainable Development Goals:

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