Humanitarian Technology (HuT) Labs
School of Engineering

Human-animal conflicts arise due to the diminishing natural resources and habitats as a result of the rise of encroachments, poaching, urbanization, and industrialization. As a result, the loss in yield due to animal attacks has been on a steady increase in the past few years. Even though agriculture is a vast sector, the average farmer would find it difficult to invest in technological solutions to prevent loss in yield, especially for security purposes.

We propose a solar powered, IoT based intelligent system that can be used to prevent crop damage due to wild animal attacks. The system implements IoT technology along with simple sensors. It makes use of four junction boxes that are central to the system architecture. The junction boxes contain MCU, XBee module, RTC, and GSM. In addition, each box hosts either two lasers or two LDR sensors. The GSM module enables the system to send a message to the farmer when the system is triggered by animal intrusion. The junction boxes will be placed in each corner in such a way that the laser transmitter in one junction box and the LDR of the neighboring junction box are in the line of sight. The proposed system can improve the yield of crops and in turn help farmers to increase their earning. This system indirectly helps the farmers to have a good sleep during the night as there is no need for them to keep patrolling their fields all through the night. This project is funded by IEEE SIGHT.

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