Project Incharge: 
Prof. Balaji Hariharan*
Dr. Maneesha Ramesh
Dr. Venkat Rangan
Prof. Kamal Bijlani
Sunday, July 1, 2012
Amrita Center for Wireless Networks and Applications (AmritaWNA)
Funding Agency: 
DietY, Government of India

Project Title: NKN – A Gateway to a Global Classroom

Project Timeline:  2012-2014

Total funding:  2.00 Crores

Funding Agency: National Knowledge Network


   “System And Method For Synthesizing And Preserving Consistent Relative Neighborhood Position In Multi-Perspective Multi-Point Tele-Immersive Environments”, (Patent Filed)

This proposal seeks to Architect, Design, Develop and deploy a Cross-functional, Multi-Media, Multi-Channel, High Definition, Interactive, Immersive,  Adaptive Classroom experience– a University without walls and borders, that effectively uses the high bandwidth, low latency worldwide network provided by the NKN to enable students attend classes of higher education at eminent national and international universities. The remote classroom solutions today do not provide a really immersive environment to captivate and motivate the students. The students tend to get tired after short sessions. By providing a really interactive and immersive experience, we hope to open up a totally new paradigm in remote classrooms and discussion rooms.


  • HD Video Panorama

Developed and tested algorithms to produces HD video mosaic views inside classrooms, along with mixing and synchronizing various multimedia channels.

  • Multi-perspective classroom design

A multi-perspective multimedia classroom design was developed and tested for a 3 classroom Scenario.

  •  Object identification and tracking

Professor identification, tracking and hand gesture analysis completed. A proof-of-concept student interaction identification system was also developed.

  • Dynamic perspective switching

Dynamic switching of videos for synthesizing correct perspectives for all the participants.

  • Framework model for knowledge environment

Designed and developed a knowledge object model which can accommodate various knowledge objects. Synchronization of videos and presentation across different classrooms was tested using a proof-of-concept model.

  •  A state-of-the-art lab for testing and deploying seamless remote teaching technologies was build.



Team Members:

  • Mr. Ram kumar
  • Mr.  Ramesh Gunta
  • Ms. Uma.G


 .nkn.jpg  Prof. Raghavan ,Scientific Secretary, Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India & Chief Architect of India's National Knowledge Network visiting the Amrita NKN Lab on December 18 2014



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