Humanitarian Technology (HuT) Labs
School of Engineering

As the meaning of the name corresponds to a robot which is automated in wall painting, this is a robot which can paint the interior walls of a room autonomously. The robot has a controlled movement in all the four directions without rotating the base of the robot by making use of the mecanum wheels. It also has three Ultrasonic sensors which helps the robot to move in a controlled way following the walls of a room.The robot consists of a lift to which a paint sprayer is attached so that when the lift goes up and down it sprays the paint so that it can paint a wall. The main controlling part of the robot is Raspberry Pi 3 module. The core idea regarding this innovation is to make painting a wall easy and efficient. As painting a wall is a very time consuming and a complex task this can be made simple using this Autonomous wall painting Robot.This Autonomous wall painting robot is compact and portable

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