Humanitarian Technology (HuT) Labs
School of Engineering

Paripreksya 3.0 is a tele-operated UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) developed at HuT Labs.It is a light weight robot capable of doing complex maneuvering, mobility and dexterity tasks. The robot typically consists of a mobile base and a manipulator. The mobile base is responsible for the maneuvering and mobile ability of the robot while the manipulator can reach difficult places where humans cannot reach.A lot of sensors and cameras are placed on the robot so that they aid in the rescue process of disaster affected areas.

The sensors placed include CO2 sensor, IMU, cameras, LiDAR etc.All these sensors and cameras help the operator to identify victims and to gather information on the surroundings.Kinect and LiDAR sensor help in mapping the environment in which the robot glides and to mark the location of  detected victims the map.Paripreksya 3.0 was taken to participate in ROBOCUP GERMAN OPEN 2019 held at Magdeburg, Germany under the Standard Disaster League Category in May 2019. Team Scorpion is the only team to have participated from India.

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