Project Incharge: 
Co-Project Incharge: 
Shridhar S Kini
Computer Science Engineering
School of Engineering

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has become an integral part of mainstream computing. The advancement and evolution of GPU has lead to a significant performance improvement of many algorithms used in day today life. Being a powerful Graphics engine, GPU’s are also powerful programmable processors featuring wide range of benefits over memory and arithmetic calculation. Along with GPU’s, advancement of Sensor Technology has led to many innovative Applications in recent years. The introduction of Microsoft Kinect has opened a plethora of application in Augmented Reality (AR) domain. Ornamental Dressing Room is an AR application meant for Jewellery visualization on human neck. Aim of the application is to develop an AR system that gives a visualization of ornaments worn on a human body. The User who intended to purchase ornaments, will face the Kinect Sensor, the application does the rest by identifying the control point at the neck and augments the selected jewelry over the neck. This project is aimed at comparing the results of applying parallel programming concepts for algorithms used in Ornament Dressing Room with GPU over CPU.