Project Incharge: 
Dr. Krishnashree Achuthan
Prof. Shiju Sathyadevan
Prof. Prabakar Poornachandran
Sunday, January 1, 2012
Funding Agency: 
Fujitsu Laboratories


As with computing systems, trends show sharp increase in more and more electronic devices and appliances networked to the internet. From simple home appliances to more complex systems such as medical devices and industrial control (SCADA) systems, there is an integration of software and hardware that causes new security threats due to its contact to the internet.

This project involves building a secure framework for such embedded systems to be trusted. Broad areas of research include:

  • Building a cloud based automotive communication platform that will facilitate secure and reliable inter-vehicular data exchange between vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to other communication networks. It ensures secure inter- vehicular communication channel for exchange of sensitive information such as: location, driving patterns, road congestions, accidents, hazard warnings, etc. The platform will have the capability of segregating the internal and external networks by integrating adaptive, performance specific security layers.
  • Creating scalable and secure network platforms that involve a combination of hardware and software solutions for agricultural applications (Project IrigNet). The main objective is to overcome challenges of irregular power availability and its implications to operational efficiency in rural India.
  • Virtual Elastic Knowledge Cloud (Kloud) will use a new secure Context/Directory based content aggregation methodology which eventually will act as an information super highway connecting all dispersed multitude of information assets in an organised manner.
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