Humanitarian Technology (HuT) Labs
School of Engineering

CHETAK, a self-governing and multi-tasking home assistance robot to support the old, crippled and impaired individuals to do their daily life activities or regular tasks at home and hospital environments. CHETAK is built with an advanced and cost-effective infrastructure to make it a sophisticated service robot. It has a highly integrated architecture with features like Object Vision, Speech Recognition, Autonomous Navigation with Obstacle Avoidance and a 6 Degree of Freedom Robotic Arm to make the robot serviceable. The robot can perceive the trained objects or persons and can differentiate among objects dependent on class and can foresee the qualities like Gender, Age and Posture. It can listen to the commands from a person and perform the tasks accordingly in an autonomous way.

The robot can be navigated either manually or autonomously in an environment that resembles a house. While navigating autonomously, the robot always chooses the shortest path to reach the destination by avoiding any dynamic obstacles and can also navigate through extended waypoints. It uses the robotic arm integrated with end-effector to pick and place the objects by utilizing the vision information. The whole system is implemented using Robot Operating System(ROS) on Ubuntu platform to integrate individual nodes to achieve the complex operations. The robot can perform complex tasks such as Human-Robot interaction, Object Manipulation and Gesture recognition. CHETAK helps the disabled and physically handicapped people in serving them drinks, fruits etc. It helps the visually impaired people to find an object or a person and also serves them.

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