Project Incharge: 
Dr. B. Rajathilagam
Co-Project Incharge: 
Shwetha R.
Computer Science
School of Engineering

Mammography has been the most popular method for the early detection of the breast cancer. Due to low contrast of mammograms typical diagnostic signs such as masses and micro calcification are difficult to detect. So to create a high resolution mammogram super resolution (SR) technique can be used. This technique will make a high resolution image from a series of low resolution images of the same scene. A novel algorithm with interpolation for super resolution reconstruction has been proposed here. It has taken a interpolation technique that preserves edges without introducing any artifact. This also avoids pixilation, over smoothing and blurring of images. In our method we have used denoising, deblurring and registration technique to improve the quality of low resolution images and fused them to produce a higher resolution image. The proposed algorithm is a hybrid of bilinear interpolation and FCBI method with edge detecting criteria.Apart from edge feature other features are also using to get the best result.

Super Resolution of Mammograms for Breast Cancer DetectionSuper Resolution of Mammograms for Breast Cancer Detection