Project Incharge: 
P. Manoj
School of Business

This lab is set up between the Amrita School of Business and Centre for Sustainable and Responsible Organisations (CSARO) of Deakin University , Australia to conduct Business research in India, especially with focus on Corporate and Social Responsibility and related issues. Some of the research includes:

P. Manoj

  • To create a database of the top 500 sustainable businesses in India in order to better understand and promote long-term sustainable and responsible organisational behaviour.
  • To develop research collaborations with suitable international partners from government, industry and community.
  • To encourage research by MBA students by providing funding for CSR related projects.
  • To organize Conferences and Seminars to promote Sustainable practices

As part of this project, researchers from Amrita University regularly travel to Deakin University to engage with experts from Australia.