Project Incharge: 
Shalini Dinesh
Co-Project Incharge: 
Devi Sooryanarayana
Pooja Vinodkumar
Shaima S Sharma
Friday, January 1, 2016 to Tuesday, May 31, 2016
School of Biotechnology

The exploration of endophytes is still an emerging field. Almost all plants seem to deliver endophytes with promising contents and activities. Simarouba glauca has a long history in herbal medicine as antiparasitic, antidysentric, antipyretic and anti cancerous agent in many countries. Recently the plant extract has received much attention in India as an anti cancer and anti arthritic medicine.  In the present study endophytic fungi from Simarouba glauca were isolated and evaluated for their pharmacological properties. SG-S, an endophytic fungus isolated in our study was found to exhibit anti bacterial, anti oxidant and anti hyper glycaemic potential. Qualitative phyto chemical analysis of the crude extract of SG-S showed presence of flavanoids, triterpenes, alkaloids and carbohydrates, many of them being  reported to have bio active properties. Further research is needed to characterize the isolate and purify the compounds. Thus the medicinal plant S.glauca could be a great source material for isolation of endophytes with bioactive metabolites.

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