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Annual Congress of the Geo - Institute of ASCE

On March 9-12, 2008, in New Orleans, Louisiana, US, the Geo-Institute of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) will be held under the heading “The challenge of sustainability in the geoenvironment” -devoted to discuss the current trends and the role of geoengineers and geoscientists in protecting and preserving the environment, the scientific advances and technologies to solve problems in the field, and the expansive and increasingly interdisciplinary nature of the geoenvironmental scenario. One of the issues to be discussed is the mitigation of natural and manmade hazards. There also are concurrent technical sessions that contemplate the application of advanced technologies to the natural hazards scenario; in particular, track 1 is devoted to geo-hazards and mitigation where breakthrough technologies in soft and unstable soil improvement, as well as landslides, earthquakes, blasting and tsunami among other related topics will be discussed. Also, in track 3 devoted to testing, characterization and monitoring, the advances in sensor technologies for detection and monitoring of geo-hazard indicators in subsurface will be treated; and in track 4 there is a specific chapter devoted to emerging technologies for geo-hazards assessments. Landslides are also a topic within concurrent sessions. To learn more please consult www.geocongress.org

Call for Papers - IASTED International Conference on Sensor Networks

Papers are solicited (deadline May 1, 2008) for IASTED International Conference on Sensor Networks that will be held in Crete, Greece from September 29 to October 1, 2008. Broad areas to be addressed within the field include algorithm and protocol, system, security, hardware & software, performance evaluation, and applications. Applications topics include real life WSN applications, potential application areas, demos and prototype testing, application requirements, and application evaluation and comparison. The conference will be held in conjunction with the IASTED International Conferences on CATE 2008 ─ Computers and Advanced Technology in Education and NANA 2008 - Nanotechnology and Applications. IASTED is the International Association of Science and Technology Development, a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of technical information. To learn more please visit: www.iasted.org.

IPSN 2008 - International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks.

IPSN will be held on April 22-24, 2008, in St. Louis, Missouri, US, co-located with IEEE Real Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS’08) and International Conference on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (HSCC’08). The coverage includes both theoretical and experimental research upon sensor networks in a broad range of disciplines including signal and image processing, information and coding theory, databases and information management, distributed algorithms, networks and protocols, wireless communications, machine learning, and embedded systems design. The conference is organized around two strands: Information Processing track that focus on algorithms, systems, and theory pertaining to information processing using networks of embedded sensors and Sensor Platforms, Tools and Design Methods track that focus on platforms and tools designed for networked embedded sensors. Also, two workshops are included in the conference - the international Workshop on Mobile Device and Urban Sensing, and the workshop on Adaptive Sensing and Monitoring. To learn more please visit: ipsn.acm.org/2008.

WCNC - 2008.

From 31 March to 3 April, 2008 it will be held the IEEE Wireless Communications & Networking Conference in Las Vegas, US, and co-located with CTIA Wireless 2008. Apart from peer-reviewed papers and tutorials, the program includes technology/business application panels focusing on technologies, its applications, market trends and its business implications. The area of wireless sensor networks will be discussed in the fourth tracks - PHY, MAC, Networks and Services & Applications. The specific field of wireless emergency and security systems is contemplated within track fourth of Services & Applications, and also other related fields as cognitive radio and sensor based applications, context and location-aware wireless services & applications, intelligent transportation systems, emerging wireless/mobile applications, as well as regulations, standards, and spectrum management. To learn more visit: www.ieee-wcnc.org/2008.


On 13-19 April, 2008, the 26 th Annual IEEE Conference on Computer Communications will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, US. The conference is addressed to the broad area of computer communications and networking, but emergent hot topics in wireless communications receive particular attention, in particular ad-hoc networks; cooperative ad hoc networking; ad hoc networks security; sensor networks; multi-hop/mesh wireless networks; sensor security; sensor networks connectivity; sensor network routing; energy efficiency in ad hoc networks; scheduling in ad hoc networks. Also, there is a workshop devoted to mission critical networking - networking for application domains where life or livelihood may be at risk as for example, critical infrastructure protection, emergency, and crisis intervention. This increasingly important sector relies on advances in pervasive computing, wireless communication, ad hoc and mesh networking as well as networked sensor systems - the final challenging objective is to deploy, in a rapid way, communication networks that are dependable, autonomic, and secure, in complex/heterogeneous scenarios with associated uncertainty. To learn more please visit: www.ieee-infocom.org/2008.


ICUDR- International Conference on Urban Disaster Reduction. On November 27-29, 2007- Taiwan

It will be held the 2nd International Conference on Urban Disaster Reduction in Taiwan. The conference will focus on the management of large-scale natural and man-made disaster with a multidisciplinary scope - treating mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for urban disasters. One of the sessions in the frame of the plenary session entitled “The Global Impact of Catastrophic Events on the International Society” is devoted to advanced technology for disaster reduction. To find out more please visit www.ncdr.nat.gov.tw

NOMS 2008 Call for Papers. On 7-11 April 2008- Brazil

It will be held the 11th IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium - NOMS 2008, in Salvador - Bahia, Brazil. On this occasion the event is devoted to Pervasive Management for Ubiquitous Networks and Services, covering a broad scope of topics related to: management paradigms and architectures - where self-managing networks and biologically inspired management systems & techniques are some of the topics to be addressed; theories and models; management standards and enabling technologies; management and virtual environments; service engineering and operational challenges; operation and management functions; management of emerging networks and services - where ad hoc and self configurable networks as well as multi-sensor and self-organizing networks are included; and organizational aspects of IT service management. August 24, 2007 is the deadline for abstract registration, September 1 is the deadline for technical sessions and workshop proposals, October 1 is the deadline for application papers, posters, software tools, panel and tutorial proposals. To learn more please visit: www.ieee-noms.org/2008

EuroSSC 2007- 2nd European IEEE Conference on Smart Sensing and Context

The conference will be held in Kendal - UK on October 23-25, 2007 and will target the design, implementation, application and evaluation of smart surroundings involving networked embedded sensing systems and intelligent objects with two complementary viewpoints: (1) a technology-driven view concerning intelligent sensors, sensor networks and information processing for networked devices and intelligent environments, and (2) a user-driven view exploring scenarios, applications and interaction methods for context aware and pro-active applications made possible by the diffusion of ambient communication, cooperating objects and interaction technologies. Topics include intelligent sensors and sensor network systems, context sensing & awareness, software infrastructures & platforms, information aspects of context & sensor systems, design and engineering methods, human aspects & interaction methods, and applications, test beds and case studies. More information at www.EuroSSC.org

Wireless Rural and Emergency Communications Conference - WRECOM 2007

This conference devoted to wireless technology addressing social aspects in terms of using it as a tool helping to solve the digital divide issue and to protect citizens. The conference will be held in Rome – jointly organized by the University of Rome Tor Vergata and the IEEE Communications Society - on October 1-2, 2007, and will focus on the broad area of wireless broadband communications to deliver services to rural communities, to provide emergency communications in cases of disaster and in general terms, to support public safety services. Ad-hoc and wireless sensor networks are specific topics to be addressed. Other matters include Ultra Wide Band, satellite systems – for communication and broadcasting, high altitude platforms, GPS & Galileo applications, location-aware radio techniques - ,WiFi, WiMAX, Hiperlan, as well as mobile networks based on cellular, TETRA standard and other Public Mobile Radio standards able to provide advanced services and communication infrastructures. As a matter of fact, special attention will be devoted to low cost, easy-to-install and maintain networks and to all key technologies able to provide broadband Internet access to people anywhere. On Sunday, September 30, a series of tutorial sessions will be delivered by academia and industry leaders. To learn more visit www.wrecom.org

International Symposium on Wireless Communications Systems - ISWCS 2007

The event will be held on 17-19 October in Trondheim – Norway and will be devoted to the broad area of mobile wireless communications. Special attention will be paid to issues concerning the path towards the realization of ambient wireless communications systems with the goal to identify both future technical challenges and business opportunities. A variety of topics are envisaged including wireless sensor networks, ad-hoc and mesh networks, as well as RFID and UWB among many others. More information at www.iswcs.org/iswcs2007.

IEEE/AFCEA Military Communications Conference - MILCOM 2007

On 29-31 October 2007, a conference will be held in Orlando - Florida US devoted to defence and communications technology where technical papers, exhibits and demos will be presented. The conference is organized by the IEEE jointly with AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association). The goal is to deliver insight on the communications, information technologies, and capabilities that address challenges related to national defence, homeland security, disaster response and interoperability. Sensor networks is one of the areas of interest. The coverage is large and comprehensive – interoperability, network management, radio systems and technologies, digital signal processing, Internet protocols, space networks and protocols, mobile satellite systems, antennas, Ultra Wide Band, laser communications, and optical networks are some of them. To find out more visit: www.milcom.org

The IEEE International Conference on Communications 2007 - ICC-2007

It is being held on 24-28 June 2007 at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre (SECC) in Glasgow, Scotland. The Conference theme – Smart Communications Technologies for Tomorrow (SCOTT) provides a clear focus for the Conference that emphasises the growing importance of new developments in communications systems and technologies - developments that are central to the growth and success of global economies, business environments and social pursuits. Wireless sensor networks and related matters will be specifically treated: on 27th June an application session will be held devoted to Miniaturised, Mobile Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks; on 26th June an application session will devoted to cooperative and cognitive wireless networks;  a tutorial on Distributed Signal Processing for Wireless Sensor Networks  and another on Distributed Cooperative Communication Networks - with application to cellular, ad hoc and sensor networks will be delivered on 28th June; a workshop on cognition in wireless sensor networks will be held on 24th June. And a symposium is fully devoted to Wireless Ad Hoc & Sensor Networks. To find out more: www.ieee-icc.org/2007.

ICUWB 2007- IEEE International Conference on Ultra - Wideband

On 24-26 September 2007, it will be held in Singapore an international conference devoted to Ultra - WideBand technology.  A special session is devoted to UWB sensor and  Automotive Radar - UWB sensors for Industrial Applications, UWB short range radar for safety systems;  and  another session will be devoted to UWB Cognitive radio - hybrid system modelling to analyze self-organizing networks. A paper on Distributed Transmit Power Control among Cooperative Relaying Nodes in Ultra-Wideband Cognitive Radio Networks has been included. To find out more visit: www.icuwb2007.org.

16th IST Mobile & Wireless Communications Summit

The Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and the Scientific Association for Infocommunications are the organizers of the 16th IST Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit - a major conference organized annually in Europe, sponsored by the European Commission, that will be held on 1-5 July, 2007 in Budapest. In the frame of the specific field of wireless sensor networks it is planned a workshop devoted to wireless sensor networks capturing context. For more information visit: www.mobilesummit2007.org.

ISWCS 2007 - IEEE International Symposium on Wireless  Communications Systems

ISWCS will be held in Trondheim, Norway on October 17-19, 2007. The ISWCS’07 intends to bring together researchers, developers and technologists to discuss the current status and identify the future technical challenges and business opportunities arising in the path towards the realization of ambient wireless communication systems. Wireless sensor networks is one of the topics included - peer to peer urban sensing from mobile platforms is one of the talks to be delivered in the keynote presentations section. To learn more: www.iswcs.org/iswcs2007.

13th IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications - RTCSA

The conference will be held in Daegu, Korea on August 21-24, 2007. It is devoted to technology of embedded and real time systems as well as ubiquitous computing applications; apart from investigating advances in the field, the conference intends to promote interaction among embedded computing, real-time computing and ubiquitous computing as well as to evaluate the their maturity and directions. Smart sensors and sensor network as well as portable devices and wearable computers are among the topics included. For more information please see: www.ssl.snu.ac.kr

28th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium -RTSS 2007

This conference will take place on December 3-6, 2007 in Tucson, Arizona. Sensor networks is one of the three special tracks with focus on technical issues from physical device design, signal processing, network protocols/algorithms, to revolutionary new applications enabled by sensor network technology, as well as system implementation, experimentation, and experiences on sensor network platforms and applications. The other two tracks are Architecture and Composibility for Cyber-Physical Systems and Hardware/Software Interaction and Co-design. Further information at: www.rtss.org

The 5th ACM Conference on Networked Sensor Systems - Sensys 2007

It is a single track conference jointly sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM, SIGMOBILE, SIGARCH, SIGOPS, SIGMETRICS and SIGBED,  that will be held on November 6-9, 2007 in Sydney - Australia, targeting researchers working in the area of embedded networked sensors. The conference goal is to address the research challenges facing the design, deployment, use, and fundamental limits of sensor systems. Apart from papers presentation, demonstrations and workshops will be also held. For more information visit: www.sensys.acm.org/2007