Project Incharge: 
Dr. P. Venkat Rangan
Dr. Maneesha Ramesh (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham)
Dr. Anurag Kumar (IISc Bangalore)
Prof. Edmundo de Souza e Silva (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
Prof. Jose Roberto Boisson De Marca (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro)
Sunday, August 1, 2010
Amrita Center for Humanitarian Operations and Management
Amrita Center for Wireless Networks and Applications (AmritaWNA)
Funding Agency: 

Both India and Brazil have a major need to improve their education, health, and support available during disasters, especially in areas with limited connectivity. The goal of this project is to use wireless communication networks for developing enhance healthcare system impart education, build cooperation,promote collaboration, and facilitate innovation among Indian and Brazilian students, professionals, and researchers. In this project, Brazilian and Indian expertise is combined with focus on applications that impact the needs of society in areas such as healthcare and disaster management.

As part of this project, AmritaWNA has develop a wearable wireless ecg device for continuous monitoring of remote and post operative patients such advances in wireless technology has open up new possibilities that can revolutionize  traditional healthcare delivery.

Wireless connectivity provide the infrastructure and the mobility support for ubiquitous real time patient monitoring and tracking system for emergency response to achieve this aim multi hop ad hoc to wireless networks for in hospital mobile sensing application  was also developed by EC department at IISC.

A joint wireless network laboratory is being built. This laboratory will facilitate solutions related to telemedicine and disaster management using wireless sensor networks and multimedia transmissions. Currently, AmritaWNA is developing a remote triggered wireless sensor network (WSN) for landslide detection at their WSN laboratory for Brazilian researchers to experiment on. These labs in conjunction with the distance learning, multimedia streaming, and visualization facilities provide immersive laboratory experience making it a wholesome environment for advanced learning and collaboration.


Research Collaborators:
Prof. Rosa M M Leao,
Prof. Daniel R. Figueiredo (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

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