The School follows a credit-based system which is a systematic way of pursuing an educational programme by attaching credits to its components. The credit-based system makes educational programmes easy-to-understandand comparable both nationally and internationally. It facilitates mobility, academic flexibility and universality , and helps universities to organize as well as recognize their study programmes quickly. The School follows a semester pattern, with two semesters in an academic year. Students accruing the specified minimum number of credits will be academically eligible to receive the appropriate degree, subject to fulfilling other requirements specified by the Academic Council from time to time. Currently, a minimum of 94 credits must be earned to qualify for the B.Sc.(Biotechnology / Microbiology) degrees. Similarly, a minimum of 64 credits must be earned to qualify for the M.Sc. (Biotechnology / Computational Biology & Bioinformatics) degrees, and a minimum of 74 credits to qualify for the M.Sc. (Microbiology) degree. The academic year of the School normally begins on the first working day of August, and ends on the last working day of July.

Advantages of Amrita

Faculty with extensive industry and research experience from India and abroad. Potential for active collaboration with faculty of top US Universities. Excellent collaboration with various top Indian Research Institutes facilitates students in carrying out their research projects at internationally acknowledged organizations / establishments including Biocon - Bangalore, NCBS - Bangalore, IIT – Bombay, JNCSAR - Bangalore, INTAS - Ahmedabad, Lupin Research Labs - Pune etc. Excellent placement record. Students secured positions in premier pharmaceutical/ biotechnology companies and research institutions. Well equipped laboratories for Analytical, Lentiviral, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Microbiology, and Biotechnology with advanced instrumentation. Online access to leading digital libraries, international and national journals. All Amrita Institutions are connected by ISRO satellite link to facilitate e-learning. High speed 100 Mbps leased line for internet access & high bandwidth (WiFi) wireless connectivity.