iJOE Outstanding Paper Award for Amrita Virtual Lab Paper

A paper on Sakshat Amrita Virtual Labs titled, "Complementing Education via Virtual Labs: Implementation and Deployment of Remote Laboratories and Usage Analysis in South Indian Villages", published in 2016 by International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE), was awarded the "iJOE Outstanding Paper Award".

UC Dublin Professor Visits Amrita

Prof. Ravindranathan Thampi, Associate Professor of Solar Energy and Vice-Principal of Internationalization in Engineering and Architecture at University College Dublin (Ireland), visited the Kochi and Amritapuri campuses from November 9th - 14th, 2016. During this time, Prof. Thampi gave talks, held interactive Q&A sessions, and visited several research centers.  

Professor Thor Axel Stenström, Durban University of Technology, South Africa, Visits Amrita School of Biotechnology

Professor Thor Axel Stenström, SARChI (South African Research Chair Initiative) Chair in Development and Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Technology for Developing Economies, at Institute for Water and Wastewater Technology Durban University of Technology, visited Amrita School of Biotechnology on 27-28 February,2017, to explore different opportunities of collaboration with Sanitation Biotechnology Laboratory of Amrita School of Biotechnology as part of the project funded by Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. 

Computational Genomics Expert from University of Washington, USA, Gives Invited Talk at Amrita School of Biotechnology

Dr. Sujay Chattopadhyay, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, University of Washington, Seattle, USA, with established expertise in Computational Genomics, visited the Amrita School of Biotechnology on December 14th, 2016. He gave a very insightful talk on “Adaptive Evolution in Microbial Genomes”, as a part of the invited lecture series.

Dr. Sankarprasad Bhuniya, ASE, Coimbatore Gives Invited Talk on Chemoselective Fluorescent Probe for Tracking of Small Molecule and Chemotherapeutic in Living Cells

Dr. Sankarprasad Bhuniya currently serves as a research professor at Amrita Center for Industrial Research & Innovation and Amrita Center for Excellence in Advanced Materials and Green Technologies. He is also a professor in the department of Chemical Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore. During his visit to Amrita School of Biotechnology on December 9, 2016, he delivered an excellent,informative talk on Chemoselective Fluorescent Probe for Tracking of Small Molecule and Chemotherapeutic in Living Cells. 

Invited talk at International Brain Cells and Circuits Neuroscience Course held in Erice, Italy

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Professor Dr. Shyam Diwakar was an invited speaker at the School of Brain Cells & Circuits "Camillo Golgi" course titled "The cerebellum inside-out: cells, circuits and functions" held from December 1-5, 2016 at Erice, Italy. He gave a talk titled "Computational Neurosciences of Cerebellar Circuit Disorders" during the round table session.