• It currently being developed under the SUGA project at UCI, that supports cross disability access. The distance-learning framework is built on top of the MPEG-4 framework and supports the adaptation techniques developed as part of the SUGA project.

  • Design and Control of Myo-Electric Prosthetic Arm - To design and manufacture a myoelectric controlled prosthetic arm for trans-radial and wrist disarticulated amputees

  • The aim of this project is to segment an object from a texture cluttered image. The segmentation is achieved by extracting local information of image and embedding it with active contour model based on region. Images with in-homogenous intensity can be segmented using this model by extracting the local information of image

  • The project titled "Analysis of Seepage Induced Soil Mass Movements and Stabilization using sand Drains" is funded by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. Mr. R. Ramkrishnan is the Principal Investigator of the project. 

  • This work presents a room automation system using hand gestures which is meant for physically impaired. The objective of project is to develop an algorithm for recognition of hand gestures with reasonable accuracy. Most of the gesture recognition system fails when the background is complex, here in our method we use hand detection in complex background

  • The project titled "Experimental Investigation on Structural Integrity Assessment of Dome Shaped Roof Slab of future SFRs", is funded by BRNS. The investigator of the project is Dr. M. Ramu.

  • A variety of traditional occupations exist in rural communities and residents depend on those occupations to earn a living. However, with more awareness about market segments, pricing, and updated methods, some occupations can become more lucrative, leading to a better standard of living for villagers. This particular project focuses on working with women from the village's Self Help Groups (SHGs) to help increase their earning capacity.

  • In this work an efficient lifting scheme based on denoising for super resolution reconstruction of low resolution mammogram images is proposed. We have presented a way to improve the quality of x-ray mammography images without having to use more radiations, which increases health risks of patients. The results indicate that the proposed system can facilitate the doctor to detect breast cancer in early stage of diagnosis process. Early detection tests for breast cancer can save many thousands of lives, with super resolution reconstruction the cancer can be diagnosed at an early stage and treated successfully. High resolution images give better visibility of the breast, particularly near the skin line, chest wall and in women with dense breast tissues.

  • The goal of this project is to develop an automatic aid to assist and benefit elderly individuals who find the library cataloguing system confusing and individuals with impaired vision. This tool will assist them in an environment such as a library, a book store or even access a bookshelf at home.

  • Video surveillance is an emerging field where it would become much more challenging when it concerns about the lighting conditions of the video taken at night time. Pedestrian detection would be very difficult under poor illumination condition and low contrast.

  • The project titled “Augmented Reality Headset" is funded by Amrita TBI Tide. Mr. Shriram K .V. is the Principal Investigator.

  • As the meaning of the name corresponds to a robot which is automated in wall painting, this is a robot which can paint the interior walls of a room autonomously. The robot has a controlled movement in all the four directions without rotating the base of the robot by making use of the mecanum wheels. It also has three Ultrasonic sensors which helps the robot to move in a controlled way following the walls of a room.