• This is concerned with development of video summarization techniques like Non negative matrix factorization, singular value decomposition etc.

  • The  project  aims  to  develop  elastomer-based  polymer  nanocomposites [PNC]  for  use  as  engine  gimbal  control  system  bladders,  critical  components in  a  launch  vehicle.  Currently  nitrile  rubber  [NBR]  compounds  based  on microcomposites  are  being  used  for  the  purpose.  Resistance  to  crack formation  under  dynamic  conditions  and  compatibility  with  oil  and  gas permeability  are  the  important  characteristics  of  these  bladders.

  • The funded amount received from AICTE under MODROB scheme has been utilized to modernize the Metallurgy Laboratory with the following equipments:

  • METASIM is a highly distributed collection of simulation tools connected by a series of translators that access a common database.

  • This project aims to study the extent of software piracy and other digital content piracy in India, the methods by which piracy is done, and also the common methods adopted by organizations to curtail piracy of their intellectual properties. The project also aims at finding, developing and integrating softwares used for detecting digital content plagiarism and software piracy.

  • A Cryptographically Secure Power Generators (CSPRNG) is a power generator with properties that makes it suitable for use in cryptography. CSPRNGs are designed explicitly to resist determined mathematical reverse engineering. In this project, we are studying the designs of power generators based on number theory. We concentrate in fast generation of the following generators: Power generators such as BBS generators.

  • It is a micro-level response activity simulator developed as part of Rescue and Responsphere for the purpose of testing IT solutions in the context of a crisis response. It is a multi-agent simulator for simulating campus level crisis response activities. It has plug and play capabilities where models and IT solutions can be incorporated into the system.

  • The project titled Design of Low Weight Shaped Beam Reflector Antenna with Integral IFF and SLB Antenna is handled by the Center for Computational Engineering and Networking. The Principal Investigator of the project are Prof. A. N. Shivaram and Prof. C. G. S. Sarma.

  • The funded amount received as a grant from GOI was utilized in establishing a state - of - ;the art welding research laboratory at Ettimadai campus comprising of the following equipments Lincoln ElectricTIG Welding Machine, Lincoln Electric MIG Welding Machine, StellarNet UV Radio-spectrometer and Linear Manipulator.

  • The objectives of the projects is to develop a system that extracts objects and motion information, uses an extensible object-relational system for organizing multimedia and incorporates novel query-processing techniques for similarity queries.

  • Indo-Italian Project: Amrita University along with the University of Milan aims to develop and investigate the dynamics of brain models that are capable of predicting the cerebellar input-output transformations. It also hopes to analyze the mathematical and computational properties of the robotic network.

  • The project titled "Development of a method to Control Ultraviolet Radiation in welding Processes" is funded by DRDO. The investigators of the project are Dr. R. Sellamuthu, Dr. Sanjivi Arul, Dr. S. Ilangovan and R. Saravanan.