• The goal of this project is to improve the ease of generating knowledge representations, so that semantic search can be better supported

  • The autonomous floor cleaning robot is designed to sweep and collect the dust and mop the room as well. The sweeping of the floor and collecting the dust happens one after the other followed by mopping the room. The intelligent mechanism added to the robot can identify and avoid obstacles while cleaning the robot. The autonomous algorithm, which is part of the design, takes care of operating the robot autonomously inside the room.

  • Driver inattention is a major contribution to highway crashes. The NH Traffic Safety Administration estimates that at least 25% of crashes involve some form of driver inattention. Distraction occurs when a driver is delayed in the recognition of information needed to safely accomplish the driving task.

  • The project titled "Appraisal of Seismic hazard in Delhi and Assessment of Preparedness Level among the Community" is funded by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.  Dr. Sreevalsa Kolathayar is the Principal Investigator of the project. 

  • The project titled "Alternate materials for improving dynamic response and damping properties for machine tool structures", is funded by Office of PSA to GoI. The investigator of the project is Dr. M. Ramu.

  • The project focused on designing and testing a prototype low-cost biomass to liquid fuel system to provide a clean and sustainable source of energy for rural residents.

  • Department of Science and Technology and Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India, Selected for Funding Collaborators: IIT Delhi, Thapar University, Lithium EV Cabs, Linkwell Telesystems Pvt. Ltd., Yexcube Technologies, Elecsys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • Anxiety is an emotional disorder which can cause fear, nervousness and worry in individuals. In this work, we explored the development of an anxiety detection (AnD) system using the respiratory signal as its input.

  • Accelerating feature extraction and matching algorithms using GPUs for low vision images is the aim of this work. Feature relationships are built from pixel level features to facilitate subsequent learning and generalization of the object information in an image.

  • Nowadays, we see large variety of applications of robotic instruments, oriented to influence human living. Robots in nearly every domain, are helpful to lead a very comfortable life. Humans struck by partial paralysis undergo great difficulty to carry out daily activities. Nevertheless, after rigorous therapy, their motor controls can be regained if the severity levels of the stroke are not quite high.

  • Reading is essential in today’s society. Printed text is everywhere in the form of reports, receipts, bank statements, restaurant menus, classroom handouts, product packages, instructions on medicine bottles. The ability of masses who are blind or have significant visual impairments to read printed labels and product packages will enhance independent living and foster economic and social self-sufficiency.

  • Traffic Sign recognition systems are used for increasing the road traffic safety by helping drivers gain better awareness of the road and its potential hazards, which automatically alerts and informs the driver about the nearby traffic signs on the roads. In this paper, a real time sign detection and recognition system is proposed for Indian traffic signs.