• Exploitation of contextual information has become very important for any automatic image annotation system. In this work a method based on a kernel and keyword propagation technique is proposed for learning the image semantics for automatic annotation with a set of keywords for each image

  • The joint effort by Amrita and Wipro has the goal of making diabetes care available, accessible and affordable for the Indian masses. Amrita and Wipro has envisaged a patient-centric solution wherein low cost diabetes care devices (glucose strips, glucometers & insulin pumps) will interact with users through mobile applications using the cloud gateway. Innovative features of the device will make diabetes management easier for Indian patients and physicians.

  • In the modern world, controlled release of drug (CR) represent one of the very important areas in the medical field. These delivery systems offer numerous advantages, compared with conventional dosage forms, which include no side effects, improved efficacy, reduced toxicity, and improved patient compliance. The biodegradable polymers such sodium alginate (SA) and lignosulphonic acid (LS) are used, in order to investigate the CR of ciprofloxacin from SA/LS blends.

  • The aim of the project is develop a glucose sensor which work in closed-loop with the insulin pump. 

  • A low cost and high radiation efficiency antenna structure, Substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) is designed for Space Applications at 5.8 GHz.

  • Self-E is an advanced wheelchair system capable of autonomous navigation at a low cost and having advanced technology. It was created to serve the people with disabilities for walking. It can be also used in the for the travelling and transport of the old age and the patients in hospital and other places.

  • The consortium project aims to design and develop a bidirectional EVSE for residential and public charging stations.

  • The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has become an integral part of mainstream computing. The advancement and evolution of GPU has lead to a significant performance improvement of many algorithms used in day today life. Being a powerful Graphics engine, GPU’s are also powerful programmable processors featuring wide range of benefits over memory and arithmetic calculation.

  • The project titled "Design and development of smart composite structures for active vibration and shape control", is funded by AICTE. The investigator of the project is Dr. M. Ramu.

  • With an increase in globalization, urbanization and consumerism has touched all parts of India, including its villages. While the benefits of globalization and development are prevalent, an adverse byproduct is the increase of non-biodegradable waste proliferating into rural communities that have always been known for their natural and pristine environments.

  • The project titled "An Intelligent Controller Based Shunt Hybrid Filter for Harmonic Reduction in Adjustable speed drives" is funded by DST. Dr. M. R. Sindhu, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, School of Engineering, Coimbatore, is the Principal Investigator of the project.

  • The aim of this work is the generation of a three dimensional (3D) model of a Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) image from a singular two dimensional (2D) image using filtering, feature extraction, segmentation and mapping of the depth of the features on the nano surface.