• Medical diagnosis devices are being built with IoT. Health professionals can monitor diagnosis data from a remote location and act based on observations. The project also addresses issues related to the security of information transfer through Access control and Device Authentication mechanisms. 

  • The rough terrain of the moon surfaces are well known to present daunting challenges for any space module to land safely with stability. The project aims to address some part of this issue through study and simulation of the landing dynamics of a lunar soft landing gear module. The project proposes to simulate various landing conditions of lunar module and use the results to study the stability of the design.

  • Massive MIMO facilitates the potential drive behind the next generation communication systems, the most awaiting 5G technology.

  • The proposed work aims to detect the suspicious activity detection in an examination hall. The system framework consists of three parts to monitor the student activity during examination. Firstly, the face region of the students is detected and their orientation is monitored using Haar feature Extraction.

  • Paripreksya 3.0 is a tele-operated UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) developed at HuT Labs.It is a light weight robot capable of doing complex maneuvering, mobility and dexterity tasks. The robot typically consists of a mobile base and a manipulator.

  • The project titled ''Residual Stress Measurements in Machining of Titanium Alloys'' is funded by AR&DB and Sumesh A., Assistant Professor, Mechanical, School of Engineering, Coimbatore is the Principal Investigator.

  • A laboratory scale micro grid hardware simulator was designed and fabricated for demonstration of energy management with the help of distributed embedded nodes doing real time measurements and communication.

  • From a series of 2D MRI images, the 3D model of a human brain is built using GPU.  Based on the view angle given by the user, the model is rotated and rendered to expose the features of the brain. The opacity is adjusted to show features of specific interest to the user.