• The project titled "Neural Network Modeling for Condition Monitoring of I.C.Engine using different composite flywheels" is funded by IEI.

  • The goal of this project is to create a hierarchical extendible data model for indoor information which can represent buildings, entities within it, utilities, objects inside the building, and sensors inside the building for object tracking and localization, so that the represented data is easily stored and queried using a spatio-temporal database. An indoor information system will be developed which can support indoor asset tracking and real-time navigation over this data model. This project is funded by DST, India.

  • An indoor information system is a system that gives information about the details of a building such as the different spaces within the building, exits, and their properties and also about other entities in the buildings like utilities, objects like tables, shelves etc.

  • The project titled “Indoor Information Representation and Management System” is funded by Department of Science and Technology, India. Dr. Vidhya Balasubramanian, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore, is the Principal Investigator. 

  • The project titled Fault diagnosis of dynamic mechanical systems (gearbox) based on signal processing using machine learning techniques, is funded by DRDO. The investigators of the project are Dr. K. I. Ramachandran, Dr. M. Saimurugan, Dr. K. Rameshkumar and Mr. P. Krishnakumar.

  • The project titled "Development of Spinodal bronze, Bronze Matrix Composite and Functionally Gradient Bronze and Comparison of their Mechanical and Wear Properties", is funded by DRDO. 

  • The project titled "Investigation of compatibility between portland pozzolana cement and admixtures in high performance concrete ", is funded by DST. The investigator of the project is Dhanya Sathyan.

  • The center facilitates a Collaborative Twinning Master’s Program in Automotive and Embedded Systems. Participants will be earning an MS degree in Embedded Systems from University at Buffalo and an M.Tech degree in Automotive Systems from Amrita University. The campus currently offers an M.Tech program in Automotive Engineering. Another M.Tech program on Automotive Systems with a focus on Automotive Embedded Systems is being planned.

  • The project titled "Robust Features for Speaker Verification" is funded by TCS. Dr. C. Santhosh Kumar, Dr. K. I. Ramachandran are the investigators of the project.

  • Prognosis and diagnosis are important aspects of any state-of-the-art aerospace application. Machine condition based monitoring and maintenance can help enhance the system performance and prevent system failures. It also helps reduce maintenance costs. Line replaceable units (LRU) are the basic components in any aerospace system that can be easily replaced during maintenance.

  • Bronze alloys (Cu-Sn) are widely used as bearing materials in aircrafts, automobiles, machine tools, and general engineering applications such as dies for plastic injection molding. However, they are in use for a long time in wrought and cast forms, without enhancing their strength and hardness.

  • The primary objective of the project is to develop soft, compliant, lead-free, low-melting-temperature solder materials by electrodeposition. These materials are candidates to replace lead-tin alloys in flip-chip technology for microelectronic packaging.

    Specifically, the goals are: