Ph. D. in Computational Neuroscience

The Ph. D. in Computational Neuroscience offers intensive, integrated training in multiple areas of neuroscience research. This is a program for students seeking training in the application of quantitative approaches to the study of the brain. Amrita school of Biotechnology provides an interdisciplinary training environment of coursework, research and mentoring, and the course work produces fundamental advances in knowledge and cutting-edge techniques. This program allows researchers to concentrate on a focused program of rigorous course work in both the theoretical and experimental aspects of computational neuroscience.

Ph. D. in Biotechnology

The Ph. D. in Biotechnology offered at Amrita is intended for the professionals who desire to contribute to the academic community, service to others, or personal development in the field of biological systems. The main objective of the program is to generate interest in the pursuit of specific research goals in Biotechnology and the development of expansive knowledge leading to a Ph. D. degree in a value based environment. The research focus at the School of Biotechnology spans a wide spectrum of areas including Cell Biology, Cancer Biology, Wound Healing, Computational Neuroscience, Proteomics, Neurophysiology, Phytochemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Venomics. As the projects for animals, plants and microorganisms continue to advance, new opportunities arise which offer huge potential benefits in healthcare, agriculture and the environment, through the production of new drugs, novel crops and bioremediation.