B. D. S. (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)

Dentistry involves the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases of the mouth. The aim and objective of the program is to produce a dentist who is socially acceptable and is able to work safely and effectively on patients in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and oral diseases. 

The professionally accredited degree aims at developing students' clinical skills under close supervision and mentoring of faculty members.

Diploma in Dental Mechanics

Diploma in Dental Mechanics is a two - year course after +2. This course is very demanding and remunerative. The curriculum includes diagnosing the dental problems of a patient, designing dental structures and dental accessories for a patient . In general, this professional works behind the scene along with the dentist to give the patients a perfect set of teeth. After the course a Dental Mechanic can work as assistants to dental surgeons for dental surgeries. The basic job revolves around assisting a dentist in making dental ceramics and also being responsible for the establishment of better dental care facilities in a clinic.