‘Rasatantra’ is an ideal medium for the faculty members to share their ideas, information and current developments in their research fields of interests related to chemical science. Articles shedding lights on the chemistry behind our quotidian life practices and processes will also have place along with the popular chemical science articles, stories about chemists and their discoveries and innovations. Quiz- type articles related to the particular fields of chemical science are also entertained. ‘Rasatantra’ is also a great forum for young science writers to shape their writing skills, work with an editorial team, build up confidence and grow their portfolios.

The branch of chemistry is an ocean, for ever advancing with new discoveries and inventions. Every day we can see new developments in chemistry so much so that it is difficult to keep pace with the development through curriculum. We hope to use this magazine as a tool to create a better environment for chemistry learning and understanding as well as to bridge the gap between the textbook chemistry and chemistry of life.

‘Rasatantra’ aims to attract both the scholars and seekers of chemical science equally and appreciate the readership of general public

Dr. V. M. Nandakumaran
School of Arts & Sciences, Amritapuri

I am very happy to note that the department of Chemistry, Amritapuri Campus is starting an e – magazine “Rasathantra”. This would be an ideal forum where the students and faculty members can share information about the cutting edge research in chemistry. Chemistry, as we know, is a subject which is ubiquitous in everyday life. In a sense, Chemistry is dominating the physical world from simple to highly complex systems.

It has transformed the medical field completely with the preparation of more and more potent antibiotics. It has contributed to an understanding of the brain functions. We now know that millions of Chemical reaction takes place within the brain which, if does not take place in a correct sequence, leads to the malfunctioning of the brain.

While learning a subject, it is necessary to know about the persons who have contributed to its development the many wrong turns that they have taken before their triumph. Snippets from the lives of great scientists should also be given in this e – magazine. This would inspire the students to pursue the subject with added interest.

I am sure that “Rasathantra” will be an inspiration not only to the Chemistry students, but also, in a wider sense, to all science and engineering students. I wish all success to this new venture.

Dr. Asoke Banerji
School of Biotechnology, Amritapuri

I am very glad to know about the launch of e-magazine,”Rasatantra”. Chemistry is the central science between physical and Biological sciences. Like other disciplines, Chemistry is undergoing very significant changes along with the other disciplines. In addition to industry, it is contributing greatly in two important front-line areas related to Biology and Material Sciences.

Rasatantra will provide a platform for the students, staff and faculty to share their knowledge and “experiences” on current aspects of chemistry and related subjects. I am sure that interdisciplinary community of “Amrita” will contribute to this journal and make it an important source useful information.

I wish all the success to “Rasatantra”, a new endeavor of the Chemistry Department, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri.