commerce-department-asas-kochiDEPARTMENT OVERVIEW

Department of Commerce and Management has been offering undergraduate and postgraduate programme relevant to the industry requirements in an exemplary manner since its inception. The department is endowed with learned and experienced faculty members and extremely good facilities.

The modern world is full of opportunities beset with challenges. The challenges can be overcome only by possessing the required skill sets. The academic programme M.Com. (Finance and Systems), B.Com. and Bachelor of Business Management (B.B.M.) offered by the department imparts the necessary skills with a solid footage of theory and practice required for the industry, commerce and academia. The curricula defined for the course and the course delivery mechanisms are designed to achieve this objective in an uncompromising stature, meeting international standards.


Research Program Offered

Postgraduate Courses offered

Undergraduate Courses offered


Supply chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Computational Finance, Healthcare Psychology.