COURSE NAME: Cell & Molecular Biology Lab
PROGRAM: M.Sc. Biotechnology and  M.Sc. Microbiology 
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Nandita Mishra, Dr. Sanjay Pal


Microscopy: staining and quantification by ImageJ: Lignin staining of plant tissue. Purification of fibronectin from human plasma by gelatin affinity chromatography and analysis by SDS-PAGE and zymography. Basics of cell culture (plant/animal): Surface sterilization of plant twigs and plant seeds followed by culture/germination on sterile media. Trypsinization of animal cells and counting the cells by Haemocytometer.  Cell viability test by Trypan Blue. Mammalian Cell attachment test on gelatine and fibronectin. Western Blotting, DNA fragmentation assay. Purification and characterization of natural products (quercetin). Isolation of RNA from plant & animal cells.


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