COURSE NAME: Chemistry of Biomolecules
PROGRAM: MSc Bioinformatics


Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry: Principles of Chemical Bonding, Structure and Properties of Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry: Principles of Chemical Bonding, hybridisation Structure and Properties of water, Acids and Bases, Buffers; Mechanism of Organic Reactions: Chemistry of carbonyl compounds [ Reactions with alcohols, amines, etc.], Oxidation-Reduction reactions, Keto-enolTautomerism, important functional groups in biochemistry, Non-covalent interactions,  Amino Acids and Proteins: Introduction, Classification optical isomerism, chemical properties, Acid-base properties- Peptide bond formation and properties. Levels of protein structure (brief mention of primary, secondary, tertiary & quaternary structures), Denaturation of proteins. Ramachandran plot. Determination of Primary Structure - sequencing strategies N-terminal and C-terminal sequencing. Enzymes: Introduction, classification of enzymes, mechanism of enzyme action, enzyme kinetics, Michaelis – Menten equation, Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates: Introduction, Sources, Classification. Reactions of carbohydrates, Isomerism of carbohydrates, Fischer projections, Haworth structures, pyranose and furanose structures, Anomers, Epimers, Chair and boat conformations, R and S configuration . Structure and functions of sugars, homo and heteropolysaccharides, glycoconjugates, glycoproteins,  Lipids: Introduction, sources, Nomenclature, Classification. Properties & Functions. Steroids: Structure of steroid nucleus, biological role of cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins.,: Purines &Pyrimidines: Structures of purine and pyrmidine bases, keto-enoltautomerism, nucleosides, nucleotides, RNA, & DNA (differences), base pairing schemes, types of RNA: mRNA, rRNA , tRNA, Secondary structure of DNA, Watson and Crick model.  Denaturation of DNA.  Hyperchromic shift


  1. Fundamentals of Biochemistry- 3rd Edition - Voet&Voet –Wiley
  2. Organic Chemistry – 8thEdition- Graham Solomons and Craig B. Frhyle- John Wiley and Sons