COURSE NAME:Basic Proteomics
PROGRAM: B.Sc. Biotechnology
INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Sudarslal S. 


  • Mass Spectrometry-Fundamental parameters: Mass accuracy, Resolution, Sensitivity, Ion sources: Electrospray ionization, Matrix assisted laser desorption and ionization, Mass analyzers: Quadrupole, Ion-trap, Time-of-flight, Orbitrap, Fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance, Hybrid analyzers, Detectors: Electron multipliers, Microchannel plate.
  • Gel based proteomics, LC-based proteomics, Peptide mass finger printing, Tandem mass spectrometry, Collision induced dissociation, Electron transfer dissociation, Data-dependent MS/MS, Protein Identification and data evaluation, Identification of post-translational modifications: Phosphorylation, Glycosylation, Acetylation.


  1. Introducing Proteomics: Josip Lovric
  2. Proteomics for Biological Discovery: Timothy Veenstra and John Yates
  3. Mass Spectrometry for Biotechnology: Gary Siuzdak
  4. Web/Journal Resources