COURSE NAME: Chemistry
PROGRAM:  BSc Biotechnology, BSc Microbiology


Chemical bonding

Introduction to bonding,Classification of elements in the periodic table, Periodic properties,Types of bonds & factors affecting the bond formation,bond parameters,Polarity of bonds, semipolar bonds


Solutions, types of solutions,solvation energy, lattice energy, Equivalent & molecular mass, mole concept,solubility & factors affecting solubility,Expression for concentration of solutions,polarity of solvents, Importance of  dielectric constant of solvents,Solvents other than water,classification of solvents,Dilution factor,serial dilution,Solute–solvent interactions in solutions.

 Chemical equilibrium

Equilibrium constant, Le-Chatelier principle,Acid & bases, strength of acid & bases,pH of aqueous solutions,Acid –base titrations, indicators in titrations,Solubility product & applications, ionic product, Condition for precipitation,Hydrolytic reactions &  expression for hydrolytic constant.

Organic Chemistry

Introduction to functional groups, chemical & physical properties, Reaction  intermediates in organic chemistry, Electronic effects in organic compounds,Aromaticity with examples,SN1 & SN2 mechanism, Nucleophilic addition & substitution reactions at carbonyl group,E1 & E2 reactions in alcohols, Heterocyclic compounds, Configuration & projection formula, Optical & geometrical isomerism, Tautomerism & its applications

Chemical kinetics

Rate of reaction, differential rate law expressions,Order & molecularity, rate constant, integrated equations (Ist,2nd & 3rd   order), nth life of  a reaction,     

Arrhenius equations, temperature dependence of rate constant, energy profile diagrams. Reaction intermediates, Different theories on reaction rate

Coordination Chemistry

Introduction to co-ordinations compounds,Crystal field theory,Colour & magnetic properties of complexes, Chelation & applications,      biologically relevent co-ordination compounds      


Electrode potential, related problems, Nernst equation & its applications, emf of the cell,related problems,Redox reactions in cells, free energy change & standard emf of the cell,Redox titrations applications with  two examples

Text Books/ References

  1. Chemistry, Raymond Chang, McGraw-Hill; 10th  Edition (2007)
  2. Organic chemistry Solomons & Fryhle, John Wiley (Wse); 8th Edition (2004)
  3. Physical Chemistry, Atkins & de Paula, Oxford; 9th Edition (2010)