COURSE NAME:Developmental Biology
PROGRAM: B.Sc. Biotechnology


  1. History & Basic concepts of development
  • Overview of how the modern era of developmental biology emerged through multidisciplinary approaches
  • stages of development- zygote, blastula, gastrula ,neurula
  • cell fate & commitment –  potency- concept of embryonic stem cells,  differential gene expression, terminal differentiation ,lineages of three germ layers, fate map
  • Mechanisms of differentiation-  cytoplasmic determinants, embryonic induction,  concept of morphogen,  mosaic and regulative development
  • Pattern formation--   axis specification,   positional identification (regional specification)
  • Morphogenetic movements
  • Model organisms    in Developmental biology 

     2. Early Development in invertebrate /vertebrate models 

  •  Drosophila, C.elegans,   Xenopus,  Mouse/ human
  • Cleavage, gastrulation, Axis specification (Dorsoventral, anterior posterior), & body plan patterning,   left right asymmetry in vertebrates

   3. Late Development in invertebrate /vertebrate models 

  •  Organogenesis- development of central nervous system in vertebrates,  vulval formation in C.elegans

   4. Germ cell specification& migration

   5. Overview of plant development

   6. Medical implications of developmental biology -   genetic errors/ teratogenesis/ stem cell therapy etc


Website:   virtual embryo