COURSE NAME: Environmental & Agricultural Microbiology
PROGRAM: B.Sc. Microbiology

Industrial Microbiology, Introduction and history,  Isolation and screening, Primary and Secondary screening, Production strains, Production media, Inoculum preparation and inoculum Development,  Introduction to Fermenter, Industrial sterilization,  Scale up fermentations, Types of fermenters,  Acetator and cavitator, product recovery,  Industrial production of penicillin, production of  streptomycin, Industrial production of organic acids- introduction, oduction of citric acid, production of lactic acid, Industrial production of enzymes, introduction; general aspects,  production of amylases& proteases, production of nucleotides&nucleotides, production of alcohols-acetone

butanol, production of ethanol, production of  aminoacids-introduction,  production of L- glutamic acid, production of vitamin B12, production of  single cell proteins, production of  yeast/ mushrooms, production of  fermented foods, production of microbial insecticides, production of  Biopolymers, Biofuels, biogas, production of  Bioplastics, Biosurfactants, and Biofertilizers, General rules in patents and practices.

Agricultural Microbiology - Soil general properties, Microorganisms in soil –Decomposition of organic matter in soil-Biogeochemical cycles, Nitrogen fixation, Bacterial diseases of important crops, Biofertilizers and microbial insecticides

Text Books

  1. Industrial Microbiology, A.H.Patel
  2. Industrial microbiology, Casida

Reference Books

  1. Biotechnology-A textbook of Industrial Microbiology. II edition.Wulf Crueger and Anneliese Crueger.
  2. Industrial Microbiology by L.E Casida, John Wiley and sons INC.
  3. Industrial microbiology by A.H.Patel, Macillan India Ltd.
  4. Principles of fermentation technology by P.Stanbury & Allan Whitekar, Pergamon.
  5. Manual of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology,II edition. Arnold L.Demain and Juilan E.Davies.