COURSE NAME: Physical Sciences Lab
PROGRAM:  BSc Biotechnology, BSc Microbiology

Name of the experiments

  1. Preparation of standard & dilute solutions.
  2. To determine the solubility of an organic acid in water at room temperature.
  3. Acid base titration using pH meter
  4. To study the rate of a chemical reaction-2
  5. Water Analysis I- Determination of hardness of water sample using EDTA Solution.
  6. Identification of functional groups.
  7. Determination of Viscosity of Organic Solvents by Ostwald Viscometer
  8. To study the Effect of urea on the viscosity of BSA using Ostwald    Viscometer
  9. Measurement of heat changes using a calorimeter
  10. Measurement of conductance of a given solution &  factors affecting it.
  11. Measurement of emf of an electrolyte at a given temperature
  12. To find the specific rotation of sugar solution using polarimeter


  1. Quantitative Analysis in Chemistry    Vogel, Pearson; 5th edition (2006)
  2.  Advanced practical physical chemistry Yadav J.B., Goel Publications (2008)

Virtual Labs in Chemistry

  1. Calorimetry -Water equivalent & heat of neutralization.
  2.  Emf measurement.
  3.  Water Analysis –Determination of chemical parameters
  4.  Determination of specific conductivity of soil
  5.  Crystal field theory of complexes